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How Much Settlement Will You Get For Non-Economic Damages from a Car Accident?

With the increase in the number of cars, the rate of car accidents has also increased. Being involved in a car accident can have severe consequences, and a car accident lawyer Monroe can be of great help in getting all your damages recovered.

The damages due to a car accident can be both economic and non-economic. While a substantial claim amount can help you recover economic damages, there’s a lot involved in non-economic damages.

  • Financial Damages

A car accident victim is eligible to seek justice and get compensated when someone else’s negligence causes the accident. A Monroe car accident attorney takes into account such damages while calculating the amount. All damages to property and medical bills fall under this category.  

  • Intangible Damages

Along with financial damage, a victim also suffers from mental and physical pain. While one cannot calculate the exact amount of compensation for such struggles, but the lawyer looks into various aspects to calculate a certain amount.

  • The severity of the injury
  • How long would it take for the victim to recover
  • If the injury has a long term impact on the victim
  • Cost of pain medication
  • Missing out on regular activities
  • Struggling to do usual activities without agony
  • Fear and anxiety related to driving
  • The strain on intimate and personal relationships

What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Pain And Suffering from a Car Accident?

Every monetary settlement takes into account factors like the impact of the injury, received medical treatment, and possible after-effects of the personal injuries. Other factors include your insurance coverage and the type of case.

For instance, the typical settlement for pain and suffering in most cases is under $15,000 if the victim sustains small injuries. However, if the injury causes a significant amount of pain and suffering, you may get a handsome pay as high as $292,000. It is a rare case, as most cases don’t result in emergency surgery.

That’s why you need to hire a professional to analyze your situation and calculate the pain and suffering accurately for a fair settlement.

A car accident can leave a lasting impact. Taking legal help will help you in recovering damages and get back to your everyday life. While no amount justifies the pain and mental trauma a victim goes through post an accident, a Monroe car accident attorney will still look into the matter and fight for the right amount of compensation to help you survive.

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