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    Police Misconduct Attorney Monroe, LA

    Are you a victim of police misconduct whose civil rights have been violated in the name of authority? If yes, then you have a case against police brutality. Police misconduct involves a vast range of unjustified actions including wrongful arrests, assaults or excessive force in the name of the law.

    At The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess, our Police Brutality Attorneys are here to help you in such cases.

    Legal Recourse For Harm by Police Brutality

    If You’ve been a victim of police misconduct, you have to right make claims against them under state and federal law. Different types of claims are present in such lawsuits depending on what the police did, although many cases are filed under the federal Civil Rights Act Section 1983.

    At The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess, we’ve been handling cases that require immediate investigation, and prompt action through obtaining as much documentation and evidence as possible. Our professional MonroePolice Brutality Attorneys represent victims whose constitutional rights have been violated, and no other firm has attained more success in pursuing justice and civil rights violations.


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    If you feel you were the victim of excessive unjustified force or violation at the hands of law, then our Monroe Police Misconduct Attorneys are what you need. Our experienced lawyers represent those who have been violated in the name of the law, and our combined knowledge puts us at the forefront of misconduct lawsuits throughout Monroe.

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    Police misconduct cases can be sensitive matters, especially when they involve an arrest or harm by those who possess power. Our firm’s consultations are free of any charge and completely confidential with no obligation to continue on with a case.

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